Nice to meet you, I am Taz, and despite what Faru says, I am in charge. I am the oldest dog in my home and that means I am the authority. I am half Papillon and half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am eight years old and I have been living with mummy for six years. She rescued me from a lady who kept loads of big dogs in a really small house. I also had some puppies. I had at least one other home before that, but I am in my forever home now. My Auntie Charlotte chose my name; she said it is short for Tasmanian Devil, which is obviously a joke. Mummy says I have some issues but I think I am fine. I like to make a lot of noise when I hear things, I have a beautiful singing voice. I try to keep control of the other dogs and the cats, which is hard because cats are so sneaky. I like to spend time with the chickens and often just hang out in their coop. Last year I got very poorly and now I can’t handle having much fat in my diet. Which is fine because it means I get to eat more, although I can be a bit fussy sometimes. I do love pizzle sticks, and lung is probably my second favourite. I spend my spare time hunting for pesky squirrels, going for long adventurous walks and sleeping in really awkward places. 

Some Fun Facts About Me:

·         My nicknames are 'Mummy’s Little Weirdo' or 'Tazzy Woo'.

·         I had a hernia when mummy got me and had to have an operation.

·         I like to sit on the back of the sofa. I saw the cats do it and it looked like fun.

·         I do not like having my feet touched. Or being picked up by most people.

·         I am not a fan of swimming, and will bite the water if I go in it.

·         I am very scared of fireworks and other loud noises.

·         I have a foot fetish. I love shoes and socks and slippers. I will never hurt them, just care for them like babies. The smellier the better!

·         I am the Queen of bad hair days!

·         I have a really big foofy tail, which often gets caught in brambles when I’m squirrel hunting, so annoying!