Raw Food

Why Raw Food? Dogs and cats are carnivores and a raw diet is the most natural option for them, just check out their anatomy and physiology! Long time raw feeders will tell you how much shinier their pets coats are, how their teeth are clean, their poops are small and their behaviour more settled. Since the invention of kibble, there has been a remarkable rise in dogs and cats suffering from kidney issues, cancer, and obesity amongst other issues. Choosing a healthier option for your pets makes a lot of sense and you will see the benefits. Ditch the carbohydrates and transition to raw!


Delivery Days:

Wednesday: Chippenham/Corsham

Thursday: Royal Wootton Bassett

Friday: Malmesbury


Our Chosen Brands. There are countless raw brands available in the UK nowadays, so raw feeding doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. We sell a variety of brands to suit all preferences, including those with veg and 80/10/10 options. These brands have also been chosen as they are ethical and have biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging. Advice on which brand(s) suit you and your pet the most can be given, along with options available for a smooth transition. Experienced raw feeders who do DIY can also choose from a selection of bones, offal mixes and minces.

How It Works. If you're not sure where to start with raw feeding, get in touch. Otherwise, browse the menu's below and choose what you would like. Delivery is free for orders over £30, on the relevant delivery days. Orders will need to be placed by Sunday, for delivery the following week. Invoices will be sent on the day of delivery, to ensure they are accurate. Payment is required within seven days. New customers may need to pay before their first delivery. 

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