Oh hi there, I'm Kibo! I am the puppy of the family. I was born in August 2020. I am a Cardigan Corgi. I was named Kibo because it is Swahili for Hippo and it matches with Faru. It is pronounced Key-Bo. I love to play, and I sometimes grab hold of Faru’s tail because she can run so much faster than me. I love my food and like to take the big pieces to bed with me to savour. I don’t like to get wet, and run away from the hose! Which mummy tries to get me with a lot because I love to roll in lots of smelly things. As a Corgi, I am the master of the Sploot. I also like to sleep on my back, with all my legs in the air. I love to have my belly rubbed. My most favourite thing to do is chew wood. Skirting boards are a good choice but mummy prefers when it is my coffee wood chew or natural root block. My favourite treats are most of them really, but especially beef biltong which is delicious, but I also love a hairy beef hide. I take it to bed, roll on it so I smell as amazing as it does. Then I try to pull as much fur off as I can, which often makes me fall out of bed. Then I might chew some. It’s so much fun! I'm the social butterfly of the family as I love to go out to new places and meet people and other dogs. I'm also a bit of a clown as I do many silly things to make people laugh, including chasing my tail!

Some Fun Facts About Me:

·         I have two nicknames: Piranha, because I like to bite things and Pumpkin, because I am orange and round.

·         I have spotty feet.

·         When I am sleepy, my ears droop.

·         ‘Kibo’ also means ‘hope’ in Japanese.

·         I have a really loud bark and I like to randomly do it to make people jump.

·         I think sneezing is really weird so I check people are okay after they do it.

·         I have big dew claws on my back legs. My mother had double dewclaws!