My name is Faru! I am a very well-loved, famous doggy. I have over a thousand people following me on Instagram and I haven’t even met a thousand people! You can follow me @adorable_scruffbag_and_co on Facebook and Instagram. I am a three year old terrier mix, with Jack Russell, Dachshund and Shih Tzu. Faru means Rhino in Swahili. It is pronounced Fie-Roo. I love to meet new dogs and make friends wherever I go, but I do also like to head-butt dogs when I’m playing with them, so people often say I am living up to my name. I love squirrel hunting, playing with my brother and sisters and swimming. I didn’t used to like swimming but my cousin Lily taught me how fun it is and now I love it. I don’t like to share food or toys, I don’t like it when dogs disturb my snoozes or when the cats come too close. I also have some allergies to outside stuff, so have frequent baths in the kitchen sink, which isn't very dignified!! Otherwise I am a very happy girl. I have recently started learning agility, which means extra treats and playtime, I am really enjoying it. I might be small but I am mighty, with lots of character and mischief just waiting to escape from me! I love having cuddles with my mummy and secret snoozes with my Daddy. Only they get to see my sensitive side. Oh, and my followers too I guess!

Some Fun Facts About Me:

·         I taught my sister Taz all about squirrels and how it’s fun to hunt them. Before me, she wouldn’t go far from mummy but now we do lots of running in the woods. Mummy had to buy us trackers so that she could check we weren’t going too far.

·         Apparently I look like a rabbit when I run because I flick my back legs up.

·         When I came home at 10 weeks old, I weighed 1.4kg and had to be weighed in a mixing bowl on the kitchen scales.

·         I love playing in snow, it makes me do crazy zoomies.

·         I always get mistaken for a boy dog. And no-one pronounces my name right. I don’t mind though.

·         I once got stung by a wasp and my leg started to swell up so I had to go to the vets.

·         I like to steal eggs from the chicken coop.

·         My special skill is big, sad, puppy-dog eyes!