Hello, I’m Charlie! I started a career in pet care in 2013, mostly walking dogs, feeding cats and taking care of horses. As my business grew, my knowledge and understanding of animals grew too, including pet behaviour, nutrition and the importance of enrichment. I became especially interested in the lack of choice dogs have in their everyday lives. We choose their food, their bed, where they walk, who they interact with, what chemicals are pumped into them etc. This led me to learn more about zoopharmacognosy, how animals have the ability to self-select natural medicine in the wild to heal themselves, both physically and mentally. This can be mirrored in our domesticated world, with the use of herbs, oils and minerals. I love that animals can have a say in their own wellbeing and hope to qualify as a practitioner someday. I believe that natural is best and this is how I try to raise my own pets. I am currently lucky enough to have four wonderful dogs, two gorgeous cats and six cheeky chickens at home. My life revolves around them; their well-being means everything to me. I have been raw feeding both my cats and my dogs for around six years and with this, comes natural treats! I started to sell raw food and natural treats through my pet care business many years ago and Shenvallah Pantry has grown from that. My partner, Bert, is a photographer and he takes amazing photos of our dogs, plus what we need for SP.

Some Fun Facts About Me:

·         When I was a teenager, I appeared on The Really Wild Show as a llama handler.

·      I spent a month travelling around California with my mum in 2011, probably the  most amazing experience of my life!

·        When I turned sixteen, I was given £50 as a present, so I went to a local farm and bought three orphaned lambs. Thankfully, my family didn’t bat an eyelid and let me save three newborn goats from slaughter a few months later.

·         I was named ‘Charlie’, after my mum’s childhood pet hamster.

·         After being a professional cleaner for a year, I now hate cleaning, ironing, and any general housework. Which is unfortunate when the house is full of pet hair!

·         I have a degree in Film and Screen Studies with Media Communications.

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