Hello, my name is Bryn. I am called Bryn because I am a brindle colour. I am some kind of big Staffy and I am seven years old. My first mummy died when I was about three years old. My first mummy took me to lots of training lessons and I passed my bronze award for being a good boy. I know lots of commands, I think my best one might be “stay” as I will do that no matter how far away my mummy goes, even if I can’t see her anymore. I like playing with little dogs and skinny dogs the most, and I love playing with my three sisters. I let them climb all over me and bite my ears. I also like picking up leaves and pretty flowers and offering them to people to play with me. It makes people laugh which makes me happy. I love food, I don’t think I have a favourite, just all of it! I also love sleeping, mostly on the sofa or in my extra fluffy bed, and my mummy puts a blanket on me, which makes me feel very special. I am mostly a very gentle boy, I once saw a woodlouse on the sofa and I watched him run around, but I didn’t hurt him. I am also very gentle with small people and little animals. I am a little bit scared of the chickens that run around the garden. I once jumped on top of a table to get away from them!

Some Fun Facts About Me:

·         If you record me playing in slow motion, I sound like a dinosaur!

·         I can balance toys on my head.

·         I have my own masseuse who comes to my house and gives me a full body rub.

·         I am a stuntman. If someone throws my ball, I will run so fast to get there that I do some flips and somersaults too.

·         I like swimming, even though my little sisters try to climb on me and I go under the water sometimes.

·         I once got a two inch hole under my tongue from playing with a stick. I didn’t tell mummy about it for days and I had to have an operation to stitch it up. I’m not allowed to play with sticks anymore but I still try.

·         My special skill is squeezing into beds that are far too small for me.